[SWANS] Adult Racing Fina Approved MIT Swimming Goggle SR-72MMIT PAF (Made in Japan)




Product Description



Racing model for swimming competition “Easy to see, not peel off, scratch resistant for mirror coating” 
Next-generation toughness mirror lens. A model with a “curve lens” cushion that reduces water flow resistance. Uses “PREMIUM ANTI-FOG”, which has four times the long-lasting anti-fog effect. Racing goggles with 3D cushions that won’t shake when diving or turning.

■ Newly developed mirror insert technology lens model.
By sandwiching the mirror film layer between the lenses, the mirror surface is not easily scratched and the mirror does not come off. In addition, we have developed a lens that has a uniform mirror surface and makes it easy to see the entire field of view.

■ The curved lens surface reduces water flow resistance. In addition, the lens extends to the side of the goggles, ensuring a wider field of view.

■ Adopts “PREMIUM ANTI-FOG” which has 4 times longer lasting effect.

■ Recommended for athletes who want to dive without anxiety and swimmers who aim to go up one rank.

■ It is a racing goggles with a high adhesion cushion that improves the fit with a 3D cushion that matches the shape of the Japanese face and reduces the risk of slippage and water leakage when diving.

■ Easy belt adjustment function makes it easy to adjust the length of the belt. In addition, the sliding nose belt makes fitting to match the face shape smoother.

* This goggles is made asymmetrically in the vertical direction to improve the fit.