[SWANS] Training Hand Paddles SA-400 (Made in Japan)


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SWANS Training Paddle

  • Permit a steeper entry angle for a very fast “catch” by released free wrist movement
  • Don’t miss feeling of water by fingertip out of the paddle
  • Increase propulsion by resistance of paddle
  • Increase muscle forces by resistance of paddle
  • Apply four swimming styles
  • Size S and M

※Material: Body/ PP, Strap/ Natural rubber (Latex).

Product Description

The safety warnings and cautions provided on the product or in this instruction manual must be observed. Failure to observe these cautions provided to guard against hazards may result in injury or accident. Read this instruction manual carefully to familiarize yourself with its contents and ensure that you can use the product properly. Also, store this manual in a safe place where it can be easily referenced whenever required.

〇 Build upper body and arm strength and improve technique
〇 Suited for all strokes

1. The straps are made of NATURAL RUBBER (Latex). Please consult a doctor before use in case of allergic diathesis.
2. It is recommended that either a teacher, coach or an expert in swimming demonstrates how to use the hand paddles as well as how to adjust the strap.
3. Please do not use the hand paddle if in the situation of crack.
4. Please do not fasten the strap too tightly.
5. If in the situation that inflammation occurs, stop using immediately.
6. Please do not store hand paddle in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. It may cause deformation or damage of the strap.
7. As these hand paddles are FOR COMPETITION TRAINING USE ONLY, please do not use for any other purposes.

1. No warranty for damages resulting from improper use of this product by users.
2. No guaranty for the performance result by using this product.
3. The product specifications, configuration, and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.
4. No warranty for the products modified by users.

Product number: SA-400 SWANS Training Paddle