[SWANS] Adults Racing Para Sports Blackened Lens Swimming Goggle BG-SR-10 Black (Made in Japan)


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cushion None
Lens color black
Visible Light Transmittance 0%
UV transmittance 0.1% or less (UV cut 99.9% or more)
Belt color BK black
Eye cup material Polycarbonate
Other materials Belt Adjuster: Polycarbonate
Nose Belt: Elastomer
Belt: Elastomer
accessories instruction manual
Country of origin made in Japan
Target age For adults (available from 12 years old)

Product Description

This product uses a special lens ( eye shade ) that does not allow light to pass through at all .

Top model that achieves low resistance by repeating running water resistance measurement.

The nose belt uses a newly developed 5 size (S / M / L / O / X) replaceable adjustment method that can be replaced with a single touch. * The product initially comes with an M size nose belt.

It has been used in the Paralympics and swimming competitions for people with disabilities.

S-11 class compatible model.

* When attached, visibility will be lost. Please refrain from using it alone.
* When using the product, be sure to check the safety with an attendant and be careful when using it.