[SWANS] Adults Racing Fina Approved Mirror Swimming Goggle SRX-M PAF (Made in Japan)



Product Description

SRX-M PAF Mirror lens Racing model for race swimming

SRX-MPAF High-adhesion cushion that won’t shake when diving or turning!
PREMIUM ANTI FOG for a long-lasting clear view!
SWANS classic cushioned racing model.

It is a model that can be widely used from school to masters. The thickness of the eyecup has been reduced by approximately 10% compared to conventional products, reducing water flow resistance. And by bringing the lens closer to the eyes, a wider field of view was secured. For areas where pain is likely to occur on the face, the cushion is designed with plenty of space to improve the fit and fit the face easily. Equipped with “PREMIUM ANTI FOG”, anti-fog lasts 4 times longer. (Compared to our conventional products)