[SWANS] Adults/Junior Racing Customised Optic Swimming Goggle SRXCLM (Made in Japan)


  • PAF Premium Anti Fog
  • Fina Approved
  • Elastomer thin cushion
  • Lens : SMBL – SmokexBlue, SMOR – SmokexOrange
  • UV Protection 0.01% or less (UV cut 99% or more)
  • Power range : S-2.00, S-3.00, S-4.00, S-5.00, S-6.00 and S-7.00
  • Lens : Polycarbonate
  • Includes hard storage case prevent and protect mirror lens scratch

Product Description

SRXCLM Mirror Prescription lens for Racing

Racing SRX Series with degree Mirror type. It is easy to grasp the distance of the touch turn, and you can start with confidence because you can clearly see the blurred view. The “PREMIUM ANTI FOG”, which has four times the long-lasting anti-fog, allows you to use a clear view for a long time.