[SWANS] Adults Fitness Swimming Goggle SW-31N (Made in Japan)



Product Description

SW-31N Fitness Colour lens Fitness

Supports a healthier, more enjoyable and comfortable swimming life!
“Light comfort” that makes it hard to feel stress even when used for a long time

■ The curved lens surface expands the left and right field of view compared to conventional products. It is the most compact size among curved lenses.

■ Easy belt adjustment (Easy Control E-con) allows you to adjust the length of the belt simply by sliding the adjustment parts back and forth.

■ Since the lens and cushion are integrally molded, the cushion does not come off and water leakage is less likely to occur.

■ We adopt 3D cushion to improve fit.

* This goggle is made asymmetrically up and down to improve the fit.