[SWANS] Adults Eye Guard Sports Glasses Guardian X GDX-001 BK (Made in Japan)


Frame color Clear x black, Black x black
Lens color clear
Visible Light Transmittance 92%
UV transmittance 0.1% or less (UV cut 99.9% or more)
size Height 48mm / Width 130mm
weight 58g
Lens curve 4 curves
Frame function Antibacterial face pad
Material Frame: Polyester + Elastomer (antibacterial specification)
Lens: Polycarbonate (no degree)
accessories Case, instruction manual
Country of origin made in Japan

Product Description

Safety and fit in excellent glasses for adults Sports “GUARDIAN-X (Guardian X)” intense movement of sports also less likely to shift sweat in the corresponding possible eye guard series with an excellent degree in safety
” A new lineup of “adult models” from “GUARDIAN”.

■ SWANS original “Petroid lens” is used for the lens that protects the eyes from flying objects and impacts. It is also used for the helmet shield of space suits, and uses the plastic material “polycarbonate” that has an impact resistance of 10 times or more that of glass. However, it protects the eyes in sports scenes where severe impacts and unpredictable accidents can occur. In addition, the unique hard coat film prevents scratches on the lens surface and ensures a safe field of view.

■ Thorough pursuit of eye safety with the optimum size that can be worn by adults. A robust frame that can withstand strong impacts such as balls and impacts caused by contact. The face pad around the face has a new cushion structure “Flex Face Pad” to achieve a high fitting effect that does not shift. The face pad bends according to the width of the face and holds it so that it wraps around the face. Greatly improved shock absorption performance compared to our conventional products. The face pad fits snugly against your face, making it resistant to sweat and hard to slip even when dashing.

■ Easy belt adjustment The belt length can be easily adjusted with the Velcro type. Since it does not use hard parts such as buckles, it is also excellent in safety.

■ Maximum consideration for wide field of view . The larger the lens, the easier it is to lose fit. Achieves the greatest common divisor of wide field of view and fit.

■ Adopting antibacterial cushion. The GUARDIAN-X series uses antibacterial material for the cushion that comes into contact with the skin. You can use it more cleanly and safely.