Securing the greatest visibility in harsh environments

Riders stand up against their rivals by focusing on their own pressure.
Clear vision is essential for good performance. Mud, sand and blown-up dust…
SWANS goggles provide perfect visibility for your best performance in the harsh environment of the All Japan Motocross Championship.


Best goggles for Japanese riders

SWANS high-end model “TALON.” The trigger part that is popped out of the frame, from which the name is derived, is compatible with various helmets, including full face helmets, and fits perfectly. It is also a high-spec model full of new features such as the newly developed interchangeable form [EZ-Ble Foam].

Lens type: Mirror HC Basic

Protecting riders’ eyes for more than 10 years

 High versatility in fitting any face, regardless of model or helmet size. They are not only the perfect first goggles for beginners, but also a great standard item for advanced riders.

Lens type: Mirror Basic

Standard frame compatible with eyeglasses

The mirror lens type has been newly added to the lineup, giving consumers more choice. The mirror lens not only reduces glare by cutting out sunlight, but also makes it difficult to see the inner frame of eyeglasses from outside.

Lens type: Mirror

Including essential features in a simple design

In response to comments that it is difficult to find goggles with a design that is easy to use with a vintage helmet, we started developing the product. The concept is to “include essential features in a simple design.” The frame uses the design developed for ski goggles more than 20 years ago. The name “No. 914” also comes from the code developed at that time.

Other features

The HC lens type is water repellent on the outside and anti-fogging on the inside. It is perfect not only for races in mud, but also for touring in rain.

The mirror lens type is processed with mirror on the surface. It is a lens for good weather that blocks out strong light and reduces glare, but it also has the effect of making it difficult to see inside from outside when wearing the goggles.

The basic lens type uses a basic lens without the processing mentioned above. As they are easy to take care of, you can use them as much as you like for practice and riding in town. It is also ideal as a base for customizing using spare lenses and spare parts.

The silicone-processed belt lining prevents the belt from slipping off when worn on a helmet.

UV rays damage not only the skin but also the eyes. The lens, in any color, used in SWANS goggles can block 99.9% or more of UV rays. Also, the design, which ensures a perfect fit to the face of Japanese users, blocks UV rays from entering through gaps.

A special anti-fog coating is applied to the inside of the lens to effectively prevent fogging which obstructs your view. Together with the ventilation (Mesh) provided on the goggle frame, it ensures a safe view.