MIT Lens is a New Technology where the mirror coated lens is sandwiched between two polycarbonate layers. This keeps the mirror coating protected and prevents scratching or damage to the mirror without impairing performance or vision. Regular mirror coating is on the surface of the lens. In this case, any external impacts may scratch or damage the mirror coating. However, our New Technology called “Mirror Insect Technology” can solve this problem. We inserted the mirror coating layer inside the lens, protecting it from external impacts. Here is the demonstration. We intentionally scratch the surface of the lens to remove the mirror coating. Now we repeat the test with MIT lens. The regular mirror coating is easily scratched and mirror coating is peeling off. The MIT Lens is also scratched on the surface, however the mirror coating is not damaged. Check it out www.swans.com.sg SR-72MIT Lens NEW TECHNOLOGY colour available SmokeXBlue and SmokeXRed.

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