SOU PRO SWANS Lightweight Sports Glasses

Introducing SOU PRO SWANS lightweight sports glasses sale was finally initiated the ‘SOU Pro-c’.

Goodness SOU series lightweight, superior fit and each part evolved Pro-spec!

■ new design reduce the entrainment of the penetration of UV radiation and wind and zoom lens vertical width is 3 mm.

Also decorated on both sides of the lens of your own SWANS class mutex (repelling water processing), keeping in sweat and rain, water supply: water splashing, a clear view, difficult with dirt.
Lens color offers the following 3 types.

Silver mirror x smoke (for clear skies), silver mirror x light pink (for the all round) and clear (cloudy weather and at night for) any UV is 99.9% cut high performance polycarbonate lenses.

■ low center of mass frame, lightweight SOU frame. Rubberized fit holds the head and hand juggle ‘hold ‘ and ‘not’.

Also the metal-less structure due to the safety of light stuff and if design has been.

■ fit nose parts nose pads can be adjusted and athletes seek achievement became possible.

You can choose size SOU PRO compact regular size ‘SOU Pro-c’ to your condition.
With its lightness and would help realize the forced displacement!

General retailers also began to be sold, so near of the in-store please try.

Also, SWANS official Internet shop “and Swan’s communication Center Web” even we started to sell. And Swan’s communication Center Web if you don’t mind please.

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