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SWANS Racing Swimming Goggle Fina Approved SR-3N

$ 36.00 $ 33.00



The latest edition to the Swans range, the SR3N beautifully combines style and comfort.

Round nosebridge creates a streamline nose shape which reduces water drag and allows for a more flexible fit. It’s low profile and sleek design will give you that winning edge when racing.

2 strap design will keep them secure on your face when diving in. With 4 different size nose bridges you will be able to get the perfect fit for your face. Replacement straps will help to ensure your goggles last as long as possible.

  • Anti fog coating
  • UV protection
  • Soft Silicone
  • Extra strong lens
  • FINA Approved
  •  Made in Japan
  1. SMK-Smoke
  2. PIN-Pink
  3. PUR-Purple
  4. BL-Blue
  5. CLA-Clear



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