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SWANS Fitness Leisure Swimming Goggle SW-32

$ 33.00

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Asymmetric 3D cushion basic fitness model 3D asymmetric gaskets made from soft elastomer help to ensure the fit is comfortable and secure, while pressure is distributed evenly around the eye socket.

3D Construction According to the face shape, Wider Lenses, Polycarbonate Color Lenses, Anti-Fog, UV Protection, Elastomer Cushion, Head Band and Nose Strap, Polycarbonate Belt Adjuster

■ Create

  • 3D gasket fits perfectly and avoids partial hurting points
  • A brighter vision through wider lenses

■ Material

  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Head strap: Elastomer
  • Nose strap: Elastomer

■ Color

  • CLA:Clear
  • BLCB:BlueXClear Blue
  • SMBK:SmokeXBlack
  • PICLA:PinkXClear
  • BRBK-:BrownXBlack
  • BNAV:BlueXNavy
  • PUR:Purple
  • SMSI:SmokeXSilver


Anti UV lens radition Protecting your eyes from ultraviolet radiation
The ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun not only damaged our skin but also our eyes as well. Our all PETROID lenses cut 99.9% of UV rays.


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