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[SWANS] Adult Blackened Swimming Goggle BG-SR72 (World Para)

$ 69.00

What are blackened goggles?

In order to ensure a fair competition athletes in the S/SB11 sport class are required to wear blackened goggles. SWANS blackened goggles comply with the World Para Swimming rules and regulations and swimmers can wear them in competition without concerns about disqualification (pending final goggle check at the end of their race by the technical officials.)

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[SWANS] Adult Blackened Swimming Goggle BG-SR72 (World Para)

Made in Japan

  • Material

Lens: Polycarbonate

Gasket: Elastomer

Strap: EPR

Nose bridge: Elastomer (5 sizes: A, B, C, D, E)

  • Material

With comfortable gasket

Replaceable nose bridge

Streamline shape


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