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$ 299.00


Please allow 10–15 days for delivery on Limited Edition colours


Bold, Beautiful and Adaptable
Developed with over 100 years of Japanese innovation and by working in conjunction with some of the best athletes around the world we bring you the Strix I

Triathletes, Runners and Cyclists
Use the full frame when running so the sunglasses give you extra protection from UV rays, wind, rain, glare and dust.
Pop the lower frame off when you jump on the bike to optimize your downward view and reduce weight.

Mirror Insert Technology
Mirror Insert Technology (MIT) enhances anti-scratch property and ensures free from peeling of mirror coating.

Super tough Petroid Lens
Swans Petroid lenses have been developed in house to give super tough high impact resistance lens.

Nose and temples
Non slip rubber nose bridge and temples ensures a secure fit, even when sweating or caught in a down pour.
The nose bridge has been designed to give maximum flexibility along with superior comfort and can be adjusted to accommodate the widest variety of face shapes.
Comes with a protective case with space for additional lenses and a lens cleaner

Strix I nose bridge  Strix I temple

– Eliminates 99.9% of UV rays
– Lens Material: Polycarbonate
– Frame material: Nylon
– Size: Width 149 mm Height 46 mm
– Weight 35 g
– Case included
– Made in Japan

Petroid Lens
Swans Petroid lenses have been developed to combine a super tough shock resistance lens with excellent scratch resistance.
Video 1  shows a  5kg  iron ball falling from a height of 1m onto a Swans petroid lens.

To remove the lower frame of the Strix I

Step 1) With the arms folded in, release the side clips.

Step 2) Remove the lower part of the frame, easing out the side parts first, and then the nose.

Step 3) Close the clips

Step 4) Open the arms up again.

Please allow 10–15 days for delivery on Limited Edition colours

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