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  • Osaka Marathon Day

    Swans Singapore

    Opened Osaka International Marathon today! Tokyo Marathon also coming in the next month. All runners across the country cheering the SWANS! Strong ally of Marathon and lightweight sports glasses. Winter and spring and plenty of shines ultraviolet light. Since ultraviolet eyes would fatigue original. In the prolonged exposure to UV light Marathon and walking. Sunglasses that also is no […]

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  • The Tokyo Marathon Expo Launched SOU-PRO


    The purchase of the Tokyo Marathon EXPO will introduce. First of all this spring launched new product SOU-PRO. Runners with Pro-spec SOU series of popular and evolved! Decorated with double-sided water repellent to the lens, UV penetration and wind to keep the nines slightly larger now. Nose fit freely adjustable to the pursuit is a severe […]

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  • Booth for SWANS Tokyo Marathon EXPO

    Tokyo Marathon EXPO SWANS booth, Weathernews YAMAGISHI caster came to interview! This year the Triathlon Challenge said is, what former Athletics Director of distance seemed to be!  

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  • Tokyo Marathon EXPO day 2!

    Tokyo Marathon EXPO day 2!

    Our visitors for today are mostly runners! Highlights of today was SOU-FEEL on the first day , the popular limited edition colors. This model was designed from the perspective of women. Better penetration of ultraviolet light can adjust the lens shape prevents the lashes not nose parts. It finished in addition sports and fashion design in the […]

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  • The Tokyo Marathon EXPO!

    Tokyo Marathon Expo

    The Tokyo Marathon EXPO too in a little more. Even today many people thank SWANS booth, thank you very much! Please run the runner all tomorrow around the Tokyo attractions while enjoying!

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  • SOU PRO SWANS Lightweight Sports Glasses

    Introducing SOU PRO SWANS lightweight sports glasses sale was finally initiated the ‘SOU Pro-c’. Goodness SOU series lightweight, superior fit and each part evolved Pro-spec! ■ new design reduce the entrainment of the penetration of UV radiation and wind and zoom lens vertical width is 3 mm. Also decorated on both sides of the lens […]

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  • SWANS Sunglasses For Marathon Runner

    Running Marathon

    SWANS sunglasses is favored from the marathon runner, but volatility in the Sprint event in had not been altered to has been active. Here is a video in London Olympic team’s Kei Yuki players 100 m Decathlon Japan record holder in. SWANS sunglasses protects your eye in any event. Check it here :  

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  • Silver Medalist of Sochi Olympics-Nordic

    Sochi Olympics-Nordic

    When you use Google services, you trust us with your information. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. This is important; we hope you will take time to read it carefully. And remember, you can find controls to manage […]

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  • Asean Para Games Update

    Asean Para games

    Asean Para Games, Day 4 : 2 more medals added into the bag today! Lawrence Tay won Silver in the Men’s 100m Backstroke SB14 event with a time of 01:23:77, Charlotte Lee also bagged a silver in the Women’s equivalent with a time of 01:56:15. Chew Zi Ling came in 4th in the same event […]

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  • “PREMIUM ANTI-FOG”, A Newly Developed Anti-fog Process System

    “PREMIUM ANTI-FOG” has been developed by a new anti-fog process technique through over a year testing and brought out “triple absorbing ability of water vapor” (our own comparison analysis) and “quad durability” (our own comparison analysis). This PREMIUM ANTI-FOG will become a new standard of anti-fog feature of the goggles for users’ choice. We will […]

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